PRISM is very cheap!

Ok, so I just have one question relating to whole PRISM affair: how come it is so cheap? It is supposed to cost the taxpayers only 20 million $. That’s the retail price for all the servers NSA needs to have to gather, store and analyse the desired data from the famous 9 tech companies. Don’t you think that’s a suspiciously low price? Well if it’s real than I would like the NSA to do the hosting for me, looks like they are freaking cheap.

So maybe the core of this affair lays somewhere else: they are not using any of their servers. Maybe everything is being processed on tech companies servers?


Why we see lots of videos from Russian roads?

If you are watching a car accident or any other incident involving cars (like falling meteorite captured on video from a car) on Youtube, it’s most likely a Russian video. Has anyone bothered to ask why?

Russia is a specific country…That’s a diplomatic way of describing their reality. It’s traffic police and courts are even more specific… So Russian citizens have found a way for their corrupted police, and for their slow courts and judges who are unable to determine the fault on some traffic incidents.

Electronics aren’t so expensive nowadays, so lots of people can afford to own a camera permanently recording their every journey, they don’t need lots of memory… If nothing happens they just delete it. Unless there is a police patrol accusing you of something you haven’t done or meteorite falling from the sky.., or…

North Korean propaganda is very scary

This movie is North Korea’s propaganda about the West, so it is supposed to tell lots of lies and other BS about the western world… Well unfortunately for us… It is damn close to truth.

More info about the movie:

Screen should be revolutionized in phones

Some time ago I wrote about Samsungs S4 and its lack of innovation (same story with every new iPhone). I mentioned the battery issue in that post, now it’s time for another feature.

Someone could change the second element that hasn’t changed in the last decade: screen. I mean come on do we really need that many pixels on a 4 inch screen? No matter how many pixels you are gonna put on this small screen it is still gonna be a damn small screen, I can read a couple of messages on it. But I do not like reading articles or watching photos and videos on it. So please think of something to make the display bigger without making the phone bigger. And make it more flexible, and unbreakable and less energy consuming.

Of course what comes on your mind is Google’s new invention.

Galaxy S4 is boring, we need a game changer

We have a new Samsung Galaxy S4, awesome, amazing, bigger this, smaller that and thinner and lighter and… Nothing new, like everything else in hardware during recent years. So who is gonna change that? What will happen? Who is the next game changer? Well you can take a history book and look on the desktop and laptop market just a couple of years ago….

You also had Apple vs some other blokes etc. constant race of Gigabytes, Mega, Tera etc. So what happened, with this competition? How did it end? Actually I don’t know but no one seems to observe these markets now. Thanks to mobile… That’s a one possibility, some company will just introduce a product that is gonna create a new market and no one will be interested in smartphones anymore. Unlikely… What else? What happened in laptops? Not much, they were developed at the same boring rhythm until someone thought of netbooks and ultrabooks. That means further miniaturization in cost of performance… I don’t think that can happen here in mobile industry.
But I think at least one or two different elements may be developed in cost of performance.

Smartphones don’t need so much battery as their bigger and older brothers. Maybe this is a good occasion for some new solution when it comes to powering-up our devices? Maybe we can sacrifice some of the functionality and performance in the beginning just for the simple fact of the battery never requiring an electricity plug? They sacrificed some of the laptops features to create ultrabooks and netbooks, nowadays these devices are almost comparable to their bigger-fatter-heavier brothers. So in the same way, maybe some tech company will think of introducing a new kind of phone that will only need a few moments in your pocket while walking or a glimpse of the sun for powering up. It can have a slower processor that doesn’t consume so much power, it can have a worse internet connection due to power management, but damn that would be a nice and fresh breeze of innovation.

Why I would never want to become a social media expert?

Remember back in the 90ies? Each person capable of doing something a little bit more complicated than turning the PC on and starting the desired program, was a computer genius. If someone could type on keyboard pretty fast, than he was an expert. Installing a program? Noooo… You have to call an expert for that. What happened to these people, when kids grew up. The kids that could do all of these things with eyes closed, while playing scrabble. Oooh and BTW everything got a lot easier to do.

So here we are XXI century decade of social media madness, social media experts, journals, analysts, companies, blabla… What for? Every kid is better in managing social media profile than most of these people and companies. And every kid has a lot of friends with the same skills. You think the world is going to need so many social media experts when all of these youngsters grow up and go to work?

NO! It’s gonna be just another necessary, basic skill everyone os gonna have to know. So who is gonna need all these social media experts? Just a few exceptions probably. If I were you I wouldn’t go for this kind of career in long therm planning.