Facebook IPO and the black/cyber (with friggin lasers) Friday/Monday

Liked the sales results from this years black friday or cyber monday? Enjoy untill you can, next year may not be as good. It may be a whole different story next year. If the Euro currency will fall, and some say that’s the matter of days, the world can see a financial crisis like…cheeesh I don’t know will it be #OccupyWallSt times ten or Terminator-Apocalypse. More often I read, hear and see the question ‘when’  instead of ‘will’…

So what on earth that has to do with Facebook IPO. Well ‘Facebook IPO would be an event… Probably it will be an event, if only the Eurozone holds on. But if it won’t…finding optimistic investors on the market is not easy during recession. Especially if your company doesn’t produce anything. I mean physically. I’ve checked Apple and Google stocks during 2008 crisis, both took a deep dive. But as Apple stock felt only to its level from 2007, Google took a much more serious dive, below its 2007 levels.

stocks of Apple and Google during crisis and afterThe markets usually reacts in the same way during uncertain times, crisis & recessions: industry falls the least, because it has a value that is hard to vaporize: factories, machines, products, infrastructure etc. Google didn’t have any of these, just servers, Apple? Technically speaking, they don’t own any factory. But they’ve got products, stores and whole infrastructure. And investors like to know that there is something physical in their investment.

Does Google have anything like that? Nope, cloud servers on some desert won’t convince anyone. Does Facebook have anything like that? NO! So it will fail if it will IPO during recession? NOT NECCESARLIY. Why? What do you do if you are looking for ways to survive during recession?…you contact others and share your anger, survival tips, good bargains etc. With what? Facebook. Somebody knows better social tool? No…

For the first time ever we can experience the recession with powerful social media tools that connect us. If Facebook will be able to turn that traffic into profit… Well just a thought…


3 thoughts on “Facebook IPO and the black/cyber (with friggin lasers) Friday/Monday

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