Sight vs hearing? Why Siri is not such a good direction

Siri isn’t something new, like most of the Apple products (or their functions) it is something already invented, raised to a totally new level of user experience, usability & design. And it’s really working. Siri and all other voice control assistants make 1 huge change in our interaction with the computer: the human sense used to do it. We are used to using our sight for receiving most of the data from our computer, now Siri changes that and wants us to use our hearing sense, and that changes a lot…

Try closing your eyes if you don’t want to see something, or focus your vision on something else. At any point you can filter information received by your eyes, you see what you want to see, and focus your eyes on things at your interest. Now try doing that with your ears… Oups, doesn’t work that way! Yes, ultimately you can cover your ears with your hands, but that’s the last solution. And it occupies your hands.

Now, you probably know that lots of scientists, researchers, businessmen & other have studied how your sight works and when it focuses on what. So they can shoot you with heavy fire of ads, commercials etc. You noticed that each site has its logo in left upper corner, most important articles bellow, also on the left, and the crap is on the right :) Even if some ad is presented on the website in a place, you would expect some important content, you quickly lose interest in that place. Close it, skip it, ignore it.

What about your hearing? Is it equally easy to filter data received by this sense? Unfortunately no, and that is the matter I am worried about. Sure it is in some way a step ahead, I don’t have to do the navigation, choices and other actions that are necessary for… lets say buying a ticket to cinema. For some people this is simplifying the process and making life easier. The process of doing anything is easier, because I don’t have to make so many choices, and  everything.  Great, but if that’s the case, then it means I lost control , and I don’t make the choice…It is very hard to make choices, navigate, filter and check few options by these voice control solutions. Better to let Siri or other assistant do it for you. It is designed to work for you, or maybe instead of you?

Of course that is just a thought, it dependents where Siri will go from here. It can be just an add-on to graphic interface. But it can go other way, and instead of assisting you in organizing your day and making choices, it will replace you in that. Which way would you prefer?

Somewhere in the near future it may even surpass a real person personal assistant, but… The choices and taste this person has are humane. And Siri? Algorithms, for making the best choices and presenting valuable information? Sure it works in Google, but because I make the final call and click on the search result which I like. So machines will tell us what to do?


9 thoughts on “Sight vs hearing? Why Siri is not such a good direction

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