So Chrome has overtaken Firefox… My thougths – 5 points

You probably heard today: Chrome has overtaken Firefox and is the second most popular browser in the Internet(after IE of course). Now this made me think…

  1. If you cooperate with Google or any other BIG company, then watch your back, they can replace you, almost always. Google did it to not pay Mozilla for using their search engine in the browser. As the Chrome was developed, it became something more than a browser, it is now a working  operational system. Now who would thought 5 years ago, that Google would create its own OS due to Mozilla?
  2. I’ve seen the same stats on many pages now, same names everywhere: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Apart from IE which obviously sucks totally, all these browsers work, navigate, search the web etc. THE SAME. Anybody out there thinking of changing that? I mean, they don’t differ much from the 10-year old browsers. The Internet has changed a lot for 10 years, browsers? Well…not much, the interface is the same all the time…
  3. Ever heard of Rockmelt? It isn’t big, it’s just a new idea – social browser. And these guys are probably too small for pushing a new mainstream browser, but maybe one day Facebook would want its own browser? Or Twitter? Or someone else? Chrome was designed and made to integrate Google’s search engine into the browser. We are way passed that, Google search is an old way for searching desired content. Today social is the upcoming key player. And which browser has anything REALLY GREAT to offer for people using social media all the time. I am talking about browser, not some add-ons!
  4. Mozilla is dying – now that I don’t like, but it looks like major browsers are from the big players, who have their operating systems, search engines, very often their own hardware. Opera is the only exception and Firefox, but FF share is falling. So the future doesn’t look bright, only few key players with browsers will set the rules. The rest should start thinking about writing apps for them and that’s it.
  5. This is good news for Google+, we are waiting for social browser. Maybe the guys, that sucked at social will rock it, with tightening up the bond between Google+ and Chrome. Chrome is designed for Google search, but within months, they can change that direction into strengthening Google+. I’ll write this again: Facebook and Twitter should watch themselves. Eric Schmidt has recognized Siri as a serious threat, will Facebook recognize this as one?
  6. UPDATE: Browsers are declining, most of the traffic from mobile devices is run through apps, not browsers and mobile devices are taking over. This trend should concern desktop computers in the near future. Unless… HTML5 will change that trend.

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