If I were a developer, I would make a browser which…

Recent news about Chrome overtaking Firefox in global share, made me look a little bit on the frames and tabs through which  I surf the net. I came up with a conclusion that not much has changed. (Yeaah what about Chrome OS?Opera-Mini etc.). Not much has changed in the way we use the browser, the content has changed, a lot We visit not the old just text sites through the browser but many diverse and multifunctional apps through the browser. But the way how we do it, is still the same. So lets for a moment suppose that we want to make a new browser, that changes few things on the market. What would we like to design? Some of these functions are already working as succesful add-ons. But I am thinking about implementing them in the core functions of the browser.

  1. Social – all browsers were developed during Google search peak times, if you were searching for anything you google it. Now you more often try to connect with real people through social networks and find anything using their knowledge and taste. Now which browser just scratched the surface of social browsing besides Rockmelt, which only did a tiny scratch in my opinion. But they showed the way…
  2. The tabs – invented during WWII or earlier…who would have remembered. Come on, don’t you have anything new? No 3D, multidimensional solutions with multi-touch integrated? I’ve seen some Firefox of the future clip on Youtube, with sites in groups similar to Google+ circles. But that was just Youtube, not real life.
  3. The Files – we use our browsers to almost everything, but most of us, after  downloading a file opens it with… Something else. Why browsers aren’t designed to use the webs calculating powers and open everything! And remember what I have opened. Add the new mp3 to my rock folder in music tab or something. Why nobody has thought of that?
  4. The files, again. How many times you had to download something just to upload it again? Not all services are connected and integrated, and very often we need to download a file, from a Gmail for an example, and then upload it to Pixlr. Can’t my browser do that? Why do I need to download this file to my hard drive?
  5. Copy and Paste. Now this technology has ages. Why do I still use it very often in my browser? Sure, there are tons of useful add-ons, for searching the highlighted text. But none of them nailed the problem.
  6. Da Kloud! History, bookmarks, favourites, opened tabs, passwords, currently logged sites – why can’t this be displayed  on many devices simultaneously. I log in to Facebook using my ‘Browser’, stand up, go to the kitchen and   the site I was watching on the bedroom device displays on the screen of the kitchen tablet/ desktop, I am already logged in, naturally.
  7. Less reading with your always tired eyes?  Why not? Let us use your other senses for data reception.

5 thoughts on “If I were a developer, I would make a browser which…

  1. 1 – Flock was first but then it removed most of it’s features when it switched from using Gecko to using Chromium and now it’s dead.

    2 – Pretty sure tab grouping is already feature in both Opera and Firefox.

    3 – Imagine the size of the browsers database if it had to rememeber what you did with every file you ever downloaded?

    4 – Because the browser would have to know the exact url to upload to not to mention log in to the site you are uploading to and now how to login to that site in the first place.

    5 – Not sure what exactly you are getting at with this one.

    6 – Because a lot would consider the realtime transmitting of your surfing habits to the cloud as spying.

    7 – Like windows built in narrator?

    • 2 I was hoping for something more innovative.
      3 It would take almost full hard drive, but you wouldn’t need much more.
      4 I think this can be done by some smart developers, all I want is something like Ctr+C, Ctrl+P. I would choose the place where to upload the file, I just don’t want to download it & then upload it & delete it from my HD. Instead let the servers communicate between themselves. The browser already knows my access data to the sites.
      5 How often do you Ctr+C some link, part of a text, e-mail address etc. Just to Paste it in another tab of your browser, Ubiquity was a nice diretion.
      6 They would switch it off, lets be honest if someone really want that data, he’ll get it anyway.
      7 I was thinking of something far more sophisticated. Siri is just the beginning.

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