EU will soon tell you that Gmail isn’t cloud

Gmail is not a cloud
After reading an article regarding EU getting its hands on cloud computing, I thought damn! These greedy bureaucrats are laying their hands on the cloud! Now even in this article, you can see the difference between the US and EU ‘with its small businesses at the heart of the European economy’. 

In the US bureaucrats debate on how to implement the cloud technologies into the public sector. And the private sector? It can handle itself, the market will test these solutions, and the best will survive. And in the EU? They debate on how to implement it to private sector. They won’t allow the private sector to do it itself. To check by themselves, the best solutions, technologies and companies, no. They want to do it in their way. With standards, rules, laws, commissions and other types of wasting tax-payers money. And which companies will afford to stand up to these standards, rules, laws and be present on all of the commissions? The  small businesses which are at the heart of the European economy? Nope, the big ones, the biggest of them all.

But even the biggest of them all should watch the situation, because the standards applied by this bribe-sucking band of hooligans may be so stupid, that the best and most representative products from cloud computing may be unworthy to call them cloud in the European Union. Whereas other services, not having much to do with cloud computing will be worthy.

Don’t belive it? Just wait, and BTW, do you happen to know why in The European Union snail is a fish? And carrots are fruits? It’s very easy: because you can easily get EU grants for fishes and for fruits. So in case of the snail, some mighty european country(France) made it a fish, so their industry would live long and prosper. The carrots? Same thing, different country.

As a result of all this… The number of services available in EU will drop, and as usual – the number will be much lower, then in the US, where you do not have to obey so many unnecessary laws to run a service. In Europe many companies won’t be able to stand or just will not want to fight the bureaucracy. And so, they will ban their services for EU users. I doubt that will happen to Gmail, but there are lots of little startups out there which we are using. Use it, while you can. 

The question is why do they do it? Control, there is no free Internet today. If someone is a cloud service company in terms of EU regulations, then he should have its servers and all information on them available to EU governments. Naturally it’s best if those servers work on EU territory, so EU gets taxes, jobs etc. But the most important thing is the access to information by the EU government. Now Google can sometimes tell the US government to go and f… itself, imagine telling that to the EU officials. Immediately it would turn out that Google isn’t up to date with some new EU regulations regarding the cloud.


3 thoughts on “EU will soon tell you that Gmail isn’t cloud

    • 1.but it’s a good way towards censoring the whole internet, besides they’ll ‘like’ the idea of censoring the internet like China, since they need money from China
      2.there won’t be much 2 censor, many services may just close their services in EU

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