Chrome sucks

Chrome failsSince about a year it is getting worse, it crushes, it doesn’t load sites properly, it’s heavy, slow and… just feels like Windows 98. Now recently PCmag committed a post about how Chrome resembles IE6 and that post was nailing the problem. With sites written by Google  just for Chrome, it’s like back to IE6 era, when you had to write the sites code for IE6 and additionally for all the other browsers.

What is most frustrating that even sites, that are supposed to work at their best on Chrome (like Youtube which has built-in features only for Chrome browser) do happen to crash on this browser! Recently even more often than on any other of my browsers. I would tolerate Chrome crashing on sites like Pixlr(very fucking often) which isn’t Google and is based on flash, but Youtube?! Google, this is your service! It should be a god damn road runner in Chrome! Instead it crushes…

So what do I do? Shut down Chrome, open Safari/ Opera hey! It works! Sad…

I wish I could make a browser all by myself, and put the necessary features which are suited just for me.


2 thoughts on “Chrome sucks

  1. Aw snap,I see that very often lately on many sites what I hate is how chrome handles your bookmarks and history. Why do the hide the bookmark bar and homepage you would think the wanted people to use google search instead of visiting sites directly. As for the spell checking in chrome is terrible how often I thought I could not spell a word because chrome highlighted it as a spelling error if the spell checking function in chrome was as good as the Google toolbar spell check in Firefox chrome could be considered productive. As for switching to another browser I am unsure Firefox seems like it’s past it sell by date. Opera in principal is great I use opera mini on my mobile it’s nice to sync sites with opera but I am still undecided in my new browser choice. I think I should use a combanation like firefox for frequently visited sites and chrome for search.

    • I also use a combination of 2 browsers: Chrome for mostly Google services: Gmail, Analytics, Maps, sometimes Youtube(but that works better in other browsers very often :) and Safari for the rest of the web

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