The mighty will fall – Google isn’t innovative in mobile

Google is just too damn big, and I think it may soon fall apart, todays Google is very similar to yesterdays Microsoft with Windows system. Chrome has started to function as a more then browser, it can display more features on sites, but you have to write the site especially for Chrome, remember a browser for which you also had to write special code? Called IE6 and very unliked by Mountain View fellows… The second thing is the Android which main advantage is the size. All developers problems and complaints are irrelevant, because as soon as they realize the size of this platform, they will stop coding apps for iOS and change to Android. Thinking like true Steve Ballmer or someone similar…

They have lots of weakness and disadvantages and the competition is rising. They had recognized Siri as a serious threat and that is good, because it is a threat for Google. Next there is the Motorola matter, I mean c’mon they have got a hardware company and still won’t use it? It will be making Android phones like Samsung?Rubbish. Recently I read a post from 5 years ago. It was so amazing to read how the author perceived the world in 2006. Nokia was a rockstar, Samsung was rising, and Apple didn’t exist in mobile. Now? The mighty have fallen, just as Nokia and Microsoft has fallen, and now try to survive together. The Google corp. can fall also. IMO Google hasn’t prepared properly for mobile. And more and more Internet use is made through mobile, Google rocked the desktops with its Google search, But now typing everything into the mobile device isn’t an action desired by every user. Augmented reality, AI assistants, QR codes and other solutions may soon drop Google search to bottom.

The problem with Googles preparation to mobile is that they wanted too much. They’ve end up with a OS that resembles Windows on desktops. The situation is very similar to the desktop situation few years ago: we have a premium product from Apple, and 1 competitive OS which will probably have major share in the mobile market and therefore isn’t innovative at all. Now what I’m mostly frustrated is that Google – the company praised for innovation has shown no innovation whatsoever in its strategy in mobile industry. Just flood the market with Android devices, get profit from their mobile ads and most importantly still rule the search. No new strategies, solutions or ideas, just take the desktop browser situation and make a CTRL+C and then CRTL+P in mobile industry.

Because if everyone has an Android OS, then everyone uses Google search. So lets make an OS which will work on high end 4-inch Samsungs, on and cheap smartphones at the same time exactly in the same way. Focusing your strategy on being the biggest and the only isn’t the best idea as history shows. Microsoft was the biggest and 1 and only. And it nearly killed them. Now if such a big corporation stops being innovative, just as Microsoft did, it may find itself in defense. Going where the puck is for such big company like Google is a highway to hell. They have enormous potential, but they choose the simple way. Instead of revolutionizing the industries like Apple, they chose to execute same strategy and dig in at the same position in the mobile market as in the PC market. Yes they have lots of wonderful apps and great Gmail, Docs and other Google services integration within Android, but none of them were something new or revolutionary. Other devs made almost identical apps without being the king of the Internet.

So who is going to kill them on mobile? I think for some period of time they are safe. World needs something cheaper than iOS devices flooding the most of the markets. It works great in India. Any major player who could endanger Googles position in mobile isn’t seen on the horizon. But Microsoft wasn’t hurt by 1 thing, but by lots of problems. It can happen to Google. Withdraw from China, problems with US government, EU regulations, new mobile OS? Cheap iPhone? some other revolution?


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