The other side of the fence in Apple

Apple failRecently TechCrunch wrote about Apple making deal with a patent troll. The move wasn’t loved by Apples PR office, they transferred their patents to a patent troll, through a company that existed only on paper. Marvelous, Apple is great at designing and selling its products and services, but when it comes to what is on the other side of the fence of Apples company…well it isn’t as beautiful as in Apples products.

Deal with Digitude Innovations had its reasons, mostly security from legal battles  over patents with Digitude Innovations, but one of them was probably outsourcing patent wars matters out of Apple company. It gives them some part of legitimate safety and more: brand safety, because Apple will not participate in patent battles in cases regarding patents transferred to Digitude Innovations. Less fuzz about Apple blocking Samsung shipments, better PR for Apple. Wonderful, but simple and not morally honest. Avoiding the problem isn’t solving it.

Next there is a matter of production… Well there is none. Apple doesn’t manufacture any of its products, Foxconn does. So Apple isn’t responsible in any way for workers suicide rate, their wages, work conditions, child labour etc. Apple informs us about many ecological matters regarding manufacture of its products, but we don’t have any information about labours standards under which these products are made.Working under Jobs often wasn’t considered as a fairy tale, but working in Foxconn is probably a typical “Made in China” nightmare.

Any other issues that Apple outsources? Don’t know, but a company that big, without any charity programs is something… weird? They have the skills to design such wonderful products and invent genius solutions (evil genius?), that lots of people love them the way they are, without the charity part. But they could make something just for the world, they certainly can afford it.

We all recently read about Jobs other side of the fence style. You can see that in Apples interior design. But when it comes to the company itself, the other side of the fence belongs to… someone else. And that’s the company that revolutionized few major digital industries of the world.


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