Russia restricts access to the Internet

Russia must “reasonably” restrict access to the Internet for security reasons – announced today  Secretary of Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

Russia must reasonably restrict access to the Internet, like in the USA, China, or other countries – Patrushev told the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”. He did not specify what those restrictions were. – We can not ignore the use of the Internet by criminals and terrorist groups – he added.

Economic-financial daily “Vedomosti” reported today about a new law in project. New regulations would be imposing  an blocking sites order containing illegal content such as child pornography, or “extremist materials” on operators. Just before the elections, many opposition websites in Russia were hacked or shut down. This shows, that Russia is floating in the same direction as other governments of the world, afraid of the Internet.

Last week, thousands of people demonstrated against electoral fraud on the streets of the Russian capital. Hundreds have been detained by the police. Many participants in demonstrations  were beaten. Similar protests took place in other cities, including St. Petersburg.

Demonstration were organized through social media. Protests in Moscow’s Triumphal Square and in other cities throughout the country last week, began after a YouTube video went viral. The clip shows a government poll worker filling in an elderly women’s ballot.


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