Google+ isn’t about the users number

google+It’s about how much the social network knows about the users. They know more than Facebook knows about its users? Currently it’s not a certain fact, but they will know much more when they’ll start really integrating Google+ with Chrome and Android. Deeper integration will give them vast amounts of data regarding users behaviour on their devices. And that data will be a very tasty snack for advertisers, that and the fact that much deeper integration will allow best possible ads selection for users.

Although I am claiming that current Android isn’t something worth Google. Their potential is still very big with this OS. Facebook recently has its problems with possible IPO and few unsuccessful projects, but most important: the competition is rising. Twitter is having a great time, especially when it comes to mobile use, this social network is like it was created for mobile, even if nobody thought of mobile when Twitter was a startup. Furthermore there are lots of different apps and special services that are focused on their primary subject whatever it is. Facebook has none, it wants to be the social layer. You can’t have it all.

Google+ isn’t as huge as Facebook nor does it have such an omnipresent share button. But it has something else: big potential. Facebook is the platform for many apps and services, but Google+ can do much better, because Google owns some of the platforms on which Google+ is running: Chrome and Android. That means that Google can conduct much deeper integration of its social network with users devices and Chrome browser. And boy we do need a new approach to browsers. But that concerns desktops for the time being and few laptops with Chrome OS. The most important thing on the chessboard is Android because it’s mobile.

And Facebook isn’t a rock star when it comes to mobile. In fact they aren’t doing anything great at mobile. How many years were they developing an iPad app? Their mobile strategy?… Now Google+ can do a lot of great things in mobile. They own Android so integrating this social network with other apps and features of your smartphone is possible for Google developers. And they should be hard working on that. Within this deeper integration and whatever new features it will bring to us, comes the price: the data we’ll give back in return. I think it will be the best valued data for advertisers, so they will flock to Google for best possible ads in social media history. Less users than Facebook? So what? Google+ users profiles will have greater value, because Google will know much better about their behaviour. It’s quality not quantity this time.  The number of users isn’t always the best advantage. Besides, Google has that card, with Google desktop search ads displayed in your search results. So they’ve got quantity in search results, and they will have quality in Google+ ads.

Only Google has the social network, operating system and hardware company(Motorola) in one pocket. They can use it all for best Google+ integration. Normally owners of each of these 3 platforms  want to keep the data they are getting secret from each other. But Google has all of them and can make them work fully together at the peak of their efficiency and data sharing. None of the other players has so much, the strongest – Apple has 2: OS and hardware, but they suck at social. Facebook, better flirt with Apple stronger.


3 thoughts on “Google+ isn’t about the users number

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