Auto tweet needs tweaking for big players

tweetFew weeks ago Mashable’s site has crashed at night (US time night, doesn’t matter which time, lets say it was full night both coasts). Me and few other folks from other time-zones noticed that and started a little tweeting and status updating on Facebook. Did Mashable respond? No, it was a middle of a night, they were asleep, they aren’t some news agency like CNN, they’re ‘just’ one of the most popular blogs about the Internet. I don’t expect them to be online 24/7.

But their Twitter profile was tweeting every few moments about some article from the last day. So that looked silly… In response, they were getting tweets about the sites problems, but the Mashable’s Twitter profile was still annoyingly tweeting about some news from tech-industry. 

So…In vast amount of companies developing apps for everything is there a startup that can provide them with an app that before auto tweeting checks the link it is supposed to tweet? It is a damn easy task for an app, just check if the site loads, if it doesn’t load quickly enough then hold the tweeting. That’s it. Furthermore if something is wrong, and the site doesn’t load properly for a longer period of time, and at the same time you get some noise on your Twitter/ Facebook profile with certain keywords, the app should wake up somebody from Mashable. Isn’t it obvious? I thought these guys already have such wonderful solutions, don’t they? Does anybody know? They are the leaders of reporting on tech-industry & the Internet (while it’s still considerably free) and I bet they gave great analytics tools for their Twitter profiles, but what about these kind of situations. I won’t believe they have the same tools as I do… none.


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