Google cake recipe

google cakeSo Google, you have all the right ingredients and you don’t know how to bake the success out of them? Firstly stop mixing it all up in one bowl. You can’t do that, some ingredients, have to be chopped, other can’t make a good taste together. But fear not, I’ve got a great recipe for success.  Here’s my idea:


  • 1 mobile operating system (for an example Android)
  • 1 mobile hardware manufacturer (lets say Motorola)
  • 1 social network (Google+ would be nice)
  • 1 browser (like Chrome or something)
  • big database of users


  1. Preheat oven to millions of users .
  2. Cut the mobile OS into 2 parts: make one of them fully open and customizable, so the market will like to use it.
  3. Now take the fully closed OS and bake it on top of Motorola or other hardware manufacturer.
  4. Now this is important: take you social network and put it on the layer of open OS as well as on the layer of fully closed OS baked with Motorola. As you’ll notice it will bake much better on the layer of closed OS.
  5. Now if someone doesn’t like mobile taste or is allergic to it, then take the 1 social network and bake it into 1 browser (Chrome), this will allow you to have a great meal in mobile and in laptops/ desktops.
  6. If somehow the taste of Motorola won’t attract you, then try chopping off just a little part of it and changing it with 1 only 1 ingredient from each company. 1 phone with closed OS per company is enough(it works for Apple bakery)
  7. Bake in preheated oven, with millions of users flocking to the cake, their user data will make the cakes taste most precious. This recipe allows to benefit from their user data thanks to deep integration between the ingredients.

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