How can you crack a TV?

Apple TV LogoOk, so everybody knows: Steve Jobs said that he finally cracked it(how to revolutionize the TV industry) the only question is: how is going Apple to do that? Here are some loose ideas on Apple’s new product that can change the way… we ignore ads, TV studios make content, we pay for our content, TV producers think about copyrights…etc.

  • Remotes are hell, they are  exact opposite of Apple’s intuitive design, furthermore they are just another unnecessary device at home, it’s a very easy engineering/programming task to replace them with mobile devices. Just a matter of the TV set working with Apple devices. Or maybe some mind reading interface? Ok, not mind reading but hand gestures.
  • You have a TV in your living room, small one in the kitchen and if you have an ugly enough wife/ husband also in the bedroom. Wouldn’t it be better to have an option of changing the TV screen to you iPad/ iPhone/ Mac screen, when you’re going away from your living room TV?
  • You can’t, you simply can’t share your experience of watching a TV program with someone outside of living room. We enjoy watching good movies & shows with our family & friends, but the TV doesn’t give us the opportunity to share our feeling with more of our friends, currently watching the same program. Well, social isn’t Apple’s strong side, so I don’t expect any revolutions here.
  • If we’re at social: What if I want to engage live with the live talk show? Maybe some built-in camera and a system allowing me to comment/ ask the current show participants some questions? Classic talk show is 1 Jay Leno, 1 guest, and lots of dummies clapping their hands. Maybe it’s time to change that?
  • Ads are usually in the toilet-break time or is it ad time? Whatever, they are so XX-age that we remember only 1-2 of them from the last year, they suck, and they don’t give any user feedback. A camera tracking our eyes movement and focus points would certainly revolutionize this market. Or other device allowing for more user feedback for advertisers.
  • Content production is very expensive when compared to Youtube and other web projects, this is because TV stations maintain very expensive infrastructure for their production and broadcast. Some Youtube channels have a much bigger audience than many traditional TV channels. Without the unnecessary old-school infrastructure. So moving the content source more from classic TV productions to online Youtube-like production would change the game….a lot.
  • More about the content: I hate most of it. Most of TV users would agree with this statement, so maybe it’s time to make so more elastic channels? I would pay only for the things I watched. Instead for paying for 200 channels, I would pay only for 30 and not for the whole channel, but for the parts that I’m interested in.
  • Differences between the content on the Internet and in the TV? Endless… But think this: the content we watch on the Internet is the one we find, and interests us, the content on TV is also our choice, but from very, very smaller amount of content. What if the Apple TV could deliver the web content that we like and interests us (Facebook integration, Safari browser history integration, Youtube integration) and present it in a way far more attractive than Qwiki… That would need a lot of social work for targeting our taste and Apple isn’t good at this, but they say that Siri’s main advantage is its AI…
  • Lets for a moment imagine that nobody knows Bieber and he just walks in to a studio…live. And he sings…WAIT! CUT!!! You can’t sing that! We don’t have a copyright agreement with the owner of the copyrights to this song…bla bla. Current TV has a lot of work on copyright issues. Youtube users don’t care that much about copyrights and sometimes they get more views…then of course starts the whole copyright issue, but AFTER they publish something and it gets popular, not before. Time to allow usage of your content to unpopular publishers and demand shares in profit only after it gets viral?
  • News… again big unnecessary infrastructure, that’s slower than Twitter. Why not get rid of all of that TV-satellite-cars and replace them with reasonable programs for publishing live content during hot events? Everybody has a device capable of broadcasting live news, thanks to camera and wireless Internet.

Just a few ideas… I hope I will have some more soon.


3 thoughts on “How can you crack a TV?

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