2012 – what should we expect?

2012Yeah, I know Micro payments, augmented reality etc. Anything more? Yes, even more and stronger social media reporting. More uncertainty on the markets. Facebook fail? Google going the Microsoft way? And millions of people protesting on the streets. Ridiculous right?

Sadly Steve Jobs won’t present Apple’s newest product, but whoever will, it can change the TV or it may not. The question remains, maybe we’ll know the answer in 2012. Content delivery may be a real killer in this product.

While we are the Apple topic here a crazy thought: new iPad won’t be innovative even less than this years iPhone 4 to 4S change. And without Jobs reality distortion field it will be very hard to maintain good sales. They will loose the tablet market share to Android devices, just as they lost the smartphones market share to them, or they will betray the soul of Jobs and make an iPad with USB port, MicroSD card slot etc. Wow that would be something to nail the competition. Funny, but they would have to do something totally simple and innovative to make another very successful iPad.

SOPA will… I think they will do it. And for the time being no one will do anything about it. So the Internet will get more and more closed, controlled, censored. Bunch of people making a lot of posting, blogging, clicking etc. won’t stop the government from their plans. If SOPA will succeed then we will have an Internet of few big companies that make the decisions, they will have the government officials up their ass, and every time someone will make a good antigov or copyright violating blog they will be able to pull the plug on it. Even today it’s just a matter of blocking a site in Google, Facebook and Twitter and it’s almost killed. Fortunately these companies don’t like the idea of blocking and censoring now, but if SOPA passes. Well, it’s a whole other story for them and for us.

If SOPA passes, then we are screwed. Only going to the streets could really change something. And I mean massive going to the streets not some 1% saying that they’re the 99%. I mean hundreds of thousand or millions of people. But who wants to do that, when they have someplace to sleep, something to eat, and a respectful job. Of course it can turn the other way around into a mix of Arab spring and London riot on the streets of US and EU…

Google must finally make some good product, otherwise it’s the Microsoft way for them. Sorry guys but you had a free ride for some time now, thanks to your previous achievements. Now it’s time to show people you still can do something, you have the necessary parts. Google+ should I repeat should get a lot better than Facebook, because it’s not before IPO, and they can integrate it more deeply with their other platforms. Still it’ll be a typical Google rise: slow but steady to the top.

I hope it’s the same with Google Chrome OS laptops,the whole idea is very compelling, but in this 2011 year nobody really saw such a laptop except from geeks. We’ll see how it turns out in 2012. I hope they will do better. Nothing revolutionary just version after version they will get better and finally people will start using them.

Social, more social, blah blah… Well Facebook is gonna get worse and worse before the IPO. They need to attract investors before the IPO and they have got their hands tied with that. So we’ll get less innovation more ads on this one… We will be less engaged in this social network as more focused networks emerge. And Google may finally make some really good Google+ features. They can. Just they didn’t do it yet.

I’ve hear of a BBC testing apps for their reporters, to give them live video reporting ability through a smartphone, so they won’t need any of todays massive infrastructure for live reporting. If so, everybody will be able to be a reporter, and a succesful one. Not just through a Twitter but a lot more. Just as Flickr made everyone a photographer, Youtube a TV producer, and some of the them very succesful ones! This will give people the opportunity to become live reporters. The first developer that will give the market fully functional product including live video reporting, tweeting, Youtube/ Flickr publishing will be a succesful one. As we saw in 2011 we dislike traditional media more and more, and we like social media even more after the Arab spring, Occupy Wall st. etc. So we do need this kind of service.

2nd Internet bubble? Possible but not certain, if so it can be caused by Euro fail. Or it can cause. Or nothing will happen and we will continue living in a very uncertain & unsteady markets. This can affect many of start-ups. Societies will be even more pissed of. And no one will know if the shitstorm will hit us or not. This will leed to more government controlled Internet bills and rise of social media in opposition to that.

I would like a new browser please. The ones present on the web suck at todays Internet, they go where the puck was 5 years ago, they don’t even go where the puck is today… So whoever will make a really innovative browser…With good social integration, decent tabs management etc. wins.

Big Bang! Higgs particle can finally be found…or not. Anyway we will know a lot more about our universe. Furthermore CERN scientist will give us final confirmation of neutrinos travelling faster than light.

Transparent screen? who gives a f… as long as it doesn’t have a decent software and OS. So Android guys, if you are planning to release a device with elastic screen or a transparent one. Please do make a decent OS for it at firs. Otherwise this technology will suffer.

Someone will die… That’s a certain fact, After Steve Jobs death we know that even the most powerful men on this planet aren’t invulnerable to shitty things like cancer.

want more? I read an interesting post about 2012 in tech business on Sam Routledge’s Blog.


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