Why SOPA is pro-war?

war posterFor centuries wars were fought sometimes only to benefit the few from ruling groups. Naturally the war propaganda deeply integrated with traditional media industry convinced the people to join or support the army & war. Government controlled (or at least friendly) media supported the war propaganda, so deceiving a nation was much easier. And the ruling group benefited. That will change a lot thanks to social media, if SOPA doesn’t kill them in 2012.

Iraq… It was maybe the last conflict, when few Bush-like cheats deceived the majority of the nation and led it to war. Weapons of mass destruction mean anything to you? It was repeated over and over again by Bush administration and by TV and radio. Big media companies weren’t very interested in criticizing bunch of people who were capable of sending few hundred thousand troops on the other side of the planet. If they could do that, they also could do a lot of damage to the media companies.  Unfortunately social media few years ago weren’t as big and powerful as today. Today presenting a different point of view to broad public is much easier thanks to social media and their sharing tools. And various bloggers often don’t care for the company’s profit and good relationships with government, they just want to write what they think. Their readers share the valuable content as it goes viral. The companies that own the sharing Infrastructure aren’t always interested in a good cooperation with the government in censoring the web. They prosper on the wide variety of content available on the Internet.

Who would want to go to war after Iraq? US hasn’t gained much from this operation, except the best possible live action weapon laboratory, which benefited for the weapons companies. But at what costs? 2011 has brought as few local conflicts within Arab countries, revolting nations were asking for an outside intervention. Did US intervene? Did Iraqis ask for intervention? Any politician wanting to go war today would be annihilated in the Internet. And as traditional media are today more like followers of the Internet trends, they would join the criticism also. Politicians don’t rule the media any more. And they obviously know the disadvantages of this fact.

If someone would like to go to war. To benefit from the arms industry etc. He would have to get a strong media support. That is very hard without the nations support in social media. Social media would have to be controlled in the same way as traditional media are. To censor or block the viral content unsupportive for the war industry. But that is already happening as SOPA is being pushed.


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