SOPA will kill Google firewall

Hard to believe? 2 years ago continues cyber-attacks from China were made public by Google. These attacks were targeting major big tech companies within US. Lots of sources claimed that China was attacking American companies for several years and Google was the first one to blow the whistle on the issue. The White House was put in a bad position by Google, they had to condemn the attacks, though they probably didn’t want to do that. After all their economy, thus political life depends on China and its money assets ready to finance Americas debt. So they’ve condemned the attacks, Google got out of China  and bloggers, reporters and journalists started digging.

Some pretty amazing facts came to light. Some internet security spec-ops guy started his career protecting government networks against foreign attacks. On that job, he became so preoccupied with the scale of Chinese hacking that a senior military officer told him to stop talking about it, with the gruff explanation that “the reason this is still going on is that the Chinese government now owns us.”

Big Microsofts and Googles of the world. Because of their size, they actually are making decisions that have the impact of the kinds of decisions made in the halls of government. Google is not a state. But what constitutes Google’s inherent right of self-defense in this new environment against this kind of attack?

In times of huge US national debt dependant on Chinese policy US government watches its every move to not offend the Asian giant. Sometimes you have to accept being somebodies bitch. But watching your moves is one thing, making your countries companies to act in the same way as you do is a whole different story. Especially in a free country like US. It’s much easier in government-controlled China. So if the two nations want to still do business, US has to find a way to put a leash onto Google and other web companies.

So how to get Google play by the rules set by The White House? There has to be a way to turn them into a nice soldier caring out all the orders. How to stop them from potential counter strikes in the web? How to make sure they won’t inform the public about other possible cyber-attacks on US companies and government institutions? S.O.P.A.


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