There is 1 thing that worries me about clouditems

Just before I will share that disturbing thought with you I must say: I’m a BIG fan of clouditems idea, even though I haven’t seen it yet – it hasn’t been public yet. I love the idea of reusing, sharing, giving away etc. of items and materials that we don’t need but other people may want it very much. Check my post about sharing everything to know the idea.

Now about the potential downside… Recently there has been a lot of fuzz about occupy wall street movement. The 99 percenters demanded bringing to justice those rich bankers, they’ve showed their disapproval of the current situation. IMO they were all wrong. They were in the wrong place. It’s the White House that should be occupied not the Wall Street. It’s the White House that made those bankers feel safe and secure so they could risk all of our money and get away with it. They were bailed out, they knew they could do anything, because the government would help them in case of emergency.

Would you? Hell, I would. You give a man entering the casino a ticket saying you can risk it all, we will bail you out, WHAT DOES HE DO? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? For loosing the money? The guy, but for creating such system? The government! So what does it have to do with clouditems?

The 99 percenters don’t have 1 general idea about how they see their world. But for sure they don’t want the 1 percent to get richer without the responsibilities. They should take responsibilities and… and here it starts… what? Give away the money they made on their jobs? Take it away? Redistribute it away? However justly this sounds it’s very close to socialism economy and tools like clouditems can ease transformation into that system. And there is a huge potential for such trends right now in the US. That’s dangerous!

Central distribution is very wrong, as history proves  and clouditems must be very careful to not get associated with such.  I know it’s a crazy idea and almost impossible… But…would you believe in planes being flown into buildings 12 years ago?

PS Sorry guys from clouditems if this offends you, I always try to see things pessimistic… and after my last post I had to write the downside…


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