What kind of people work on SOPA

SOPA censorshipHey there are pictures from satellites here, this isn’t good. Goddamn! I can see the White House, damn! My summer house is on that thing, I wonder if… nooo this is also on this website! We have got to take this of the Internet, how you call it? Google maps? I hope the Russians haven’t seen this already. This has satellite view of everything! Not safe! Very dangerous! I hope China had this site blocked, so they won’t see these pictures.

Laugh or cry? To us this level of Internet knowledge is funny, but let us not forget that these kind of people make the law in many countries, and even if they don’t, they do have the influence and power.

These guys you know, from media companies support SOPA, and they want you to introduce it into life. These guys are your good old friends, they’ ve gave away millions of dollars for your campaigns, whereas those geeks and nerds from Silicon Valley never put a dime into your parties pocket. They’ve helped you in elections with their movies, radio stations, TV programs and movies, and lots of your friends from the office have been on great parties and vacations thanks to their lobby. They’ve been lobbing for decades, and those geek bastards? They haven’t been here even for a decade. How the hell they think they can tell me something smart about this? So my friends want you to introduce SOPA. It’s some geeky bill, that no one actually understand, at least from our office… The opposition? Similar! Who cares, we don’t use the Internet that much, and our voters probably don’t care about this tech-lawyer stuff, anyway e-mail will be still untouched and that’s what most people do with the Internet, right? Send e-mails?

How do you mean Johnnie should resign? Who tells us to? The people? What people? We’re only 6 months after the elections! How do you know that millions want him to resign? Have your ordered any study on this issue? Is this about this all candid camera scandal? I thought we told the media to block this material, how the hell did so many people see this? What’s a Vimeo? Youtu…what? Can’t we block these sites? Why the hell not? Just a few geeks and Justin Bieber will cry for a day or two and it’s done am I right?

Anyway, How is it possible that this video got so popular in such a short notice? I can’t send an order to all the US marines in such short notice, how the hell 10 million people watched this so quickly. That’s fucking dangerous, nothing can’t be faster than the army and police! We have to be in control.

What Goddamn revolution in Egypt? We didn’t order any! Is this the China or Russia? Who organized this? I hope it’s not that German witch! How do you mean people by themselves? Don’t give ma that freedom crap! Who runs the media there at this moment? You’ve got to be kidding! They control the TV and radio and have a revolting nation? Fags! How the hell did this happen? Give me the intel on this one I want to know what is happening there right now! From where did you learn this? Can we trust this Twitter? How do we know he isn’t a double agent?

How do you mean there was no one at the site when your policemen arrived? You are the police! Bunch of kids communicating by Twitter can not be faster than the Police, if they’re we’re gonna shut the Twitter down!

What? Social media? No, socialism is bad…I prefer capitalism.


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