Lets say you’re the government… and you see that something like the Internet goes out of control

GovernmentWith all this SOPA buzz going around lets stop for a moment and put ourselves in governments body. So you are the government, your goal? Wealth of the state? Kind of, because everybody cares mostly for himself, caring for the other organization like… the state is usually put behind the personal interests. Don’t forget about this fact in further reading of this post.

What governments like and what they dislike? Government like every other organization has its assets. Although in this case, these assets are vast – it’s the whole country, its resources, people, capital, technologies, infrastructure etc., etc. The government loves the idea of control over these assets.

The deeper the control goes, the better for the government, which can avoid unpredicted and unwanted events with tight control. But the assets dislike that idea, every individual or organization thrives for freedom from which he/she/it will benefit.

Some major new technologies are making the governments control harder to put into life. Car has made the society very mobile, thus hard to localize and more unpredictable. In many government recipes to this issue the most brilliant was the public transport – idea of making things bigger in size and fewer in quantity is muchly adored by the governments.

The bus can take on its board about 50 persons, and it’s a one vehicle, instead of 50 vehicles. This trend can be observed in various areas of our life: banks, media, telecommunications, economy. Governments prefer consolidating their assets and resources in fewer, but bigger groups for fewer objects to control. On the other side in recent decades, many technologies were developed to tighten the control, other were or can be adapted to this purpose.

Now the thing with the Internet… It got a little out of control recently. It’s very decentralized, everything happens very fast in this web and the amount of assets, resources is just staggering.Furthermore it’s hurting the media industry, and we as a government like this industry, because it’s centralized and it helped us a lot in elections and in spreading our propaganda crap. And that is fundamental in our existence. Anything else?

Yeah, it’s dangerous, you’ve seen London riots in 2011 and all the Arab spring events. People can really change the state power all by themselves, when communicating through Internet. The speed and amount of data in this web is just too much to control it with human personnel. That is why we need to learn a way to make the web more centralized and slower. We need the to make the publishing companies more responsible for the content their users submit. That way we, as the government won’t have to take care of controlling the web. These companies will have to.


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