Why all these how to start a blog articles suck

A.K.A. how to mess up your blog from the beginning. You start a blog… and you start reading about how to start a blog. And boy are those posts just WRONG. Most of them write quite good tips like ‘share it with your friends’ etc. etc. BUT almost all of these ‘how to blog successfully’ posts tell you 1 BS:  write at least 1 post a day. And all I see is a flood of blogs trying to keep up with post rate of Mashable, Thenextweb or TechCrunch or any other.

Copying something totally unfresh isn’t going to make you a successful blogger! How many more copies of Mashable/ TechCrunch can be succesful? IMHO: none. I don’t know that you have noticed but recently, these blogs have almost identical content. Reading 90% of their content is just so fucking boring, because you read it on the previous blog. Sure they have some very good and interesting posts, but they are rare.

Most of their content is just SEO-friendly spamming ‘how to make your iPhone more Pink’ etc. Your WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter or other platform encourages you to write as many post as possible, but it’s only for their interest, because platform with the bigger number of content wins. It’s sad but we live in a world of quantity not quality. Don’t take this path if you want to have an interesting content, because you won’t have time, nor the passion to write an interesting article EVERYday. Mashable or TechCrunch has 1 every few days maybe, and they hire a lot of tech-gurus and have vast contacts in this industry.

Instead do, what you were told to do… Comment other blogs, read, read, read and comment, discuss, attach ideas from different posts to your recent posts and make sure they fit. And write, but only if you have something interesting to say. Because I’ve got Mashable, TechCrunch and 100 different blogs for everyday news and spammy articles. I’m not looking for them, I’m looking for something interesting. Don’t be a NOKIA in posts, be an Apple.


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