Anonymous TIME 100 Most Influential & why I will sell drugs

That’s old news, whats relatively new is the fact that we THE PEOPLE have the power to change the world and we started using this power in various actions across the globe. Naturally such behavior is condemned by the governments and the collective known as the Anonymous is supposed to be illegal, group of cyber hooligans… But is it?

No they are bunch of individuals who like to expose the truth that should be made public, they act beyond borders, jurisdictions or laws. Because these legal barriers simply DO NOT WORK in today’s world. Honestly – have you ever been in a court? Have you ever had any legal experience? Have you witnessed the degree of surrealism of this whole legal world? Courts aren’t made for the society, they are made for lawyers.

Our governments have managed to ruin many sectors of our life with over-regulated stupid offices that used to work 50 years ago. But in todays era of fast broadband Internet I do not wish to have nothing  in common with this system of stamps, forms etc. This simply doesn’t work. Moreover it ruins our economies. Most of you folks read this from the States, well… come on to Europe and try to set up a business here! You thought you freed us 60 years ago? We no longer have a free democracy.

And this is where the Anounymous should strike with their collective force, our western world is over-regulated almost everywhere. It does not benefit the people, although the officials claim otherwise. It benefits big companies, which can afford to massive amounts of lawyers and other specialists who know the way in this labyrinth of regulations.

Let me put it this way: my country(Poland) encourages me to sell drugs. If I do so, the only civil force in my way will be the lazy and underfunded police. However, if I want to set up a  legit company, then I will have at least 3 public offices on my back, none of them helpful. If I’d like to hire some people then it’s more trouble for me. Import or export? More public offices in my way…  And none of them actually cares about the prosperity of my business, they just want me to act accordingly to thousands of laws and regulations. This system has murdered lots of great businesses in my country. Thank you very much I prefer selling drugs to the kids.


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