How Polish government stole hundreds of millions from subcontractors building roads for Euro 2012

Polish highways days before the Championships

Polish highways days before the Championships

If you are interested in Euro 2012 Football Championships, than you should know that  none of the planned highways for this event have been built. They are still under construction – with less than 2 weeks to the event, there are no chances of preparing these roads. And as it turns out most of the subcontractors who actually built these roads are totally broke and demolished by one of the biggest scams of the Euro 2012, prepared and executed by Polish officials and the government.

So who was responsible for building these highways? Lets take for an example section C of the A2 highway, it’s the most popular issue in Poland now. It was supposed to be built by D.S.S. consortium (D.S.S. stands for Dolnośląskie Surowce Skalne). A company which paid thousands of PLN (Polish Nominal) to Poland’s former prime-minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz for setting up the deal. Polish government chose this company without thorough checking of their financial background. With money from the government D.S.S. started hiring subcontractors for the actual work. So… everyone should be happy with their own piece of the fat Euro pie… WRONG.

You see DSS has gone bust and it DID NOT PAY ITS SUBCONTRACTORS FOR THEIR WORK. DSS owes hundreds of millions of Euro to subcontracted companies. But that’s only the beginning of their troubles, now they have to pay the taxes for the invoices they issued to the DSS. The income tax, Value Added Tax etc. In Poland it doesn’t matter if you received the money for the invoice or not. What matters is the invoice. Tax office isn’t interested whether you received the money for the invoice. Polish tax office simplifies the process: invoice=profit, the possibility of not receiving money for the invoice isn’t considered.

The horror begun, subcontractors started organising meeting, protest, planning roadblocks during Euro championships. But our state couldn’t ignore that. Almost instantly all of the available offices, bureaus etc. started to visit, inspect and routinely control these companies. Some politicians stopped ignoring the hilarious/ tragic situation of the people who actually tried to build something in time, they didn’t succeed because they weren’t paid for their work. Few politicians started talking about special committees or a change in law, so that the hurt companies can get their money, but that’s just not the way to resolve the issue. Politicians need those committees or law-changing debates, because they benefit from such work. They are shown in TV and other media and raise their pay. But that will last for years, and unpaid companies will go bust in a matter of months if not weeks. Some of them claim that this situation can be solved accordingly to current law, all it needs is some brave officials in the right place with the right intentions. But that won’t happen in this country. Polish internet observed a video of an owner of one of these companies Marek Szymczak, during a meeting with government officials.

If you don’t understand the language it may seem a bit funny to you, but it’s not. This is a picture of a desperate man, who had a big company, he hired more than 200 workers. Today he has less than 20 workers, he doesn’t have a house anymore, and his company is broke. He tried to be fair and pay his workers, suppliers and pay taxes even though his company did not receive payment for works on the highway. He owes a lot of tax money, all of this because he didn’t receive few million PLN from DSS. As I mentioned earlier Polish tax-office doesn’t care about you not receiving the cash for the invoice. It’s just cares about the invoice. He was desperate on this video, and for the moment it only caused him more trouble from the government offices and bureaus.

He isn’t alone, there are dozens of companies, who are totally broke and probably will bankrupt because of DSS and other companies picked up by the government. A2 isn’t the only issue here, there are lots of other construction sites developed in Poland. Many companies at the brink of extinction think about blocking the whole country during Euro Championships. They don’t care if they end up in jail for their debts to the tax-office or for blocking the Championships and they’re desperate. Please share this and spread the word, how things look in Poland.


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