Banners for Euro2012: Tax-office facked us for 1,9 million

Although there are no Euro 2012 Championship games in Polish city of Zamość, one of its entrepreneurs prepared special banners for Euro 2012. He’s yet another victim of famous Polish tax-office. The one that makes devastating effect on lots of Polish companies. Without any reasons or notices, the tax-office didn’t make a tax-return of 1.9 million PLN (about 430 k Euro) to the company. The entrepreneur – Zbigniew Stonoga had to fire 15 persons so his company wouldn’t close. The mistakes are on purpose, so he won’t get any ticket for this. If I were him I would expect millions of rutine controls from many different offices and state-bureaus which met robbed A2 highway constructors


One thought on “Banners for Euro2012: Tax-office facked us for 1,9 million

  1. We have “Stonoga” case because the whole polish country is just….full of shit….roten and sick. Justice system……bunch of criminals…..coruptions, bribes on the first place. Shame on this….twisted catholic country. It is shame… be a citizen of such sick country. Lots of the “justice system” clowns supose to be locked up in the jail.
    This is my support to Mr. Stonoga…..he is right to……blame this sick….roten country.

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