Best things that happened on Euro 2012 so far… according to the web

Maybe you haven’t heard but in Poland and Ukraine there are Euro 2012 soccer championships. So there’s a lot of buzz on the web about it. This is just a selection of the few most popular and amazing things posted on the web, that got popular.

We start of with Natalia Siwiec, who became Miss Euro 2011 thanks to this picture:

After it got popular, she now has a picture from every match.

Next, the explosion of happiness in Warsaw fan zone, when  Poland takes a lead in an opening match with Greece:

The next match of Polish soccer team (with Russia) was more politically incorrect, due to both countries twisted history. Riots were expected, but some people tried to stop them:

Unfortunately some Polish hooligans did attack Russian football fans, even though the whole are was heavily guarded by thousand of Police officers. But most of Poland didn’t like the idea of beating up their guests:

Ireland had the best fans ever, they were spreading their joy and good humour everywhere: 

They were thankful to their team, even when they didn’t succeed to the quarter-finals:


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