Galaxy S4 is boring, we need a game changer

We have a new Samsung Galaxy S4, awesome, amazing, bigger this, smaller that and thinner and lighter and… Nothing new, like everything else in hardware during recent years. So who is gonna change that? What will happen? Who is the next game changer? Well you can take a history book and look on the desktop and laptop market just a couple of years ago….

You also had Apple vs some other blokes etc. constant race of Gigabytes, Mega, Tera etc. So what happened, with this competition? How did it end? Actually I don’t know but no one seems to observe these markets now. Thanks to mobile… That’s a one possibility, some company will just introduce a product that is gonna create a new market and no one will be interested in smartphones anymore. Unlikely… What else? What happened in laptops? Not much, they were developed at the same boring rhythm until someone thought of netbooks and ultrabooks. That means further miniaturization in cost of performance… I don’t think that can happen here in mobile industry.
But I think at least one or two different elements may be developed in cost of performance.

Smartphones don’t need so much battery as their bigger and older brothers. Maybe this is a good occasion for some new solution when it comes to powering-up our devices? Maybe we can sacrifice some of the functionality and performance in the beginning just for the simple fact of the battery never requiring an electricity plug? They sacrificed some of the laptops features to create ultrabooks and netbooks, nowadays these devices are almost comparable to their bigger-fatter-heavier brothers. So in the same way, maybe some tech company will think of introducing a new kind of phone that will only need a few moments in your pocket while walking or a glimpse of the sun for powering up. It can have a slower processor that doesn’t consume so much power, it can have a worse internet connection due to power management, but damn that would be a nice and fresh breeze of innovation.


2 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 is boring, we need a game changer

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