Best things that happened on Euro 2012 so far… according to the web


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Maybe you haven’t heard but in Poland and Ukraine there are Euro 2012 soccer championships. So there’s a lot of buzz on the web about it. This is just a selection of the few most popular and amazing things posted … Continue reading

Banners for Euro2012: Tax-office facked us for 1,9 million


Although there are no Euro 2012 Championship games in Polish city of Zamość, one of its entrepreneurs prepared special banners for Euro 2012. He’s yet another victim of famous Polish tax-office. The one that makes devastating effect on lots of Polish companies. Without any reasons or notices, the tax-office didn’t make a tax-return of 1.9 million PLN (about 430 k Euro) to the company. The entrepreneur – Zbigniew Stonoga had to fire 15 persons so his company wouldn’t close. The mistakes are on purpose, so he won’t get any ticket for this. If I were him I would expect millions of rutine controls from many different offices and state-bureaus which met robbed A2 highway constructors

How Polish government stole hundreds of millions from subcontractors building roads for Euro 2012

Polish highways days before the Championships

Polish highways days before the Championships

If you are interested in Euro 2012 Football Championships, than you should know that  none of the planned highways for this event have been built. They are still under construction – with less than 2 weeks to the event, there are no chances of preparing these roads. And as it turns out most of the subcontractors who actually built these roads are totally broke and demolished by one of the biggest scams of the Euro 2012, prepared and executed by Polish officials and the government.

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Anonymous TIME 100 Most Influential & why I will sell drugs

That’s old news, whats relatively new is the fact that we THE PEOPLE have the power to change the world and we started using this power in various actions across the globe. Naturally such behavior is condemned by the governments and the collective known as the Anonymous is supposed to be illegal, group of cyber hooligans… But is it? Continue reading

Why all these how to start a blog articles suck

A.K.A. how to mess up your blog from the beginning. You start a blog… and you start reading about how to start a blog. And boy are those posts just WRONG. Most of them write quite good tips like ‘share it with your friends’ etc. etc. BUT almost all of these ‘how to blog successfully’ posts tell you 1 BS:  write at least 1 post a day. And all I see is a flood of blogs trying to keep up with post rate of Mashable, Thenextweb or TechCrunch or any other. Continue reading

The future isn’t about owning things, it’s about leasing them

John Lennon once sang:

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

And as it turns out, he may have been right in predicting the future. No possession is an old idea, that did not work quite well, when it was implemented by the communists. But believe or not, like it or not our world may be heading into that direction once again. This time not because of the communism ideology, but sheer and honest capitalism greed :) So how did that happen? Continue reading

Skittles, are you sure you want to ignore The Trevyon Martin case?

Skittles Trevyon Martin issueI won’t write about rights or wrongs of this event. Instead I will just make an observation: Skittles – wrong place at the wrong time. Boy how messed up this whole situation is for their PR department.

Unintentionally and completely not due to their actions, they have become part of nation-wide anti-racism-murder campaign. Their product wast the main witness and became one of the symbols of the Trevyon Martin case. And how do you live with that?

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Are there any Russian multibillionaires reasonably spending their fortunes for mankind?

How Russian billionaires spend their moneyThis may be a very anti-Russian post. I don’t intend to commit such a post, so I have got a question. Do you know any Russian multibillionaires spending their fortunes for charities or scientific projects? Realizing passions that can benefit for mankind? It seemed hard to find, but maybe I am wrong.

Recently Jeff Bezos announced, that he is going to extract one of the Apollo 11 engines, that helped Apollo 11 to reach orbit. The engine lays currently few miles under the surface of Atlantic ocean. Bezos was already able to localize it, now he wants to take it to surface and put it in a museum. Nice. Continue reading

Is there a limit to our single-use production and consumption?

I worked as a sales representative in a few places, and I’ve seen the scale of products being wasted. Didn’t sell? Throw it out. Burn it, tore it, waste it. Why can we afford such mass waste of our resources?

I must ask: does the environment have a limit  to single-use goods production? By single-use I mean everything that breaks down and can’t be repaired  in a reasonable price. Today if your toaster, smartphone, computer or car breaks, very often it’s cheaper to purchase a new one, than repairing the old one.  We don’t have limitless supplies of resources necessary for production and distribution of consumer goods. It has to stop or otherwise we’ll run out of plastic, metals or other materials we use to manufacture our devices, cars, furniture, tools and other goods. Continue reading