Facebook IPO is a good time for Google+

Google+ will get more users as Facebook will come closer to IPO, and will look for more ways to earn money and attract investors/ scare & iritate users. Google already earns money from ads and they don’t have to focus on that matter in their product at the moment, Facebook has to. So it’s a very good situation for Google… besides Google+ can be a winner without the bigger users number, but with better integration and user data usage. Only they have so many platforms that can be integrated: (mobile OS, browser, social network, search engine, hardware manufacturer.


The mighty will fall – Google isn’t innovative in mobile

Google is just too damn big, and I think it may soon fall apart, todays Google is very similar to yesterdays Microsoft with Windows system. Chrome has started to function as a more then browser, it can display more features on sites, but you have to write the site especially for Chrome, remember a browser for which you also had to write special code? Called IE6 and very unliked by Mountain View fellows… The second thing is the Android which main advantage is the size. All developers problems and complaints are irrelevant, because as soon as they realize the size of this platform, they will stop coding apps for iOS and change to Android. Thinking like true Steve Ballmer or someone similar… Continue reading

Sight vs hearing? Why Siri is not such a good direction

Siri isn’t something new, like most of the Apple products (or their functions) it is something already invented, raised to a totally new level of user experience, usability & design. And it’s really working. Siri and all other voice control assistants make 1 huge change in our interaction with the computer: the human sense used to do it. We are used to using our sight for receiving most of the data from our computer, now Siri changes that and wants us to use our hearing sense, and that changes a lot…

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