2012 – what should we expect?

2012Yeah, I know Micro payments, augmented reality etc. Anything more? Yes, even more and stronger social media reporting. More uncertainty on the markets. Facebook fail? Google going the Microsoft way? And millions of people protesting on the streets. Ridiculous right? Continue reading


Google cake recipe

google cakeSo Google, you have all the right ingredients and you don’t know how to bake the success out of them? Firstly stop mixing it all up in one bowl. You can’t do that, some ingredients, have to be chopped, other can’t make a good taste together. But fear not, I’ve got a great recipe for success.  Here’s my idea: Continue reading

Google+ isn’t about the users number

google+It’s about how much the social network knows about the users. They know more than Facebook knows about its users? Currently it’s not a certain fact, but they will know much more when they’ll start really integrating Google+ with Chrome and Android. Deeper integration will give them vast amounts of data regarding users behaviour on their devices. And that data will be a very tasty snack for advertisers, that and the fact that much deeper integration will allow best possible ads selection for users. Continue reading

Chrome sucks

Chrome failsSince about a year it is getting worse, it crushes, it doesn’t load sites properly, it’s heavy, slow and… just feels like Windows 98. Now recently PCmag committed a post about how Chrome resembles IE6 and that post was nailing the problem. With sites written by Google  just for Chrome, it’s like back to IE6 era, when you had to write the sites code for IE6 and additionally for all the other browsers. Continue reading

If I were a developer, I would make a browser which…

Recent news about Chrome overtaking Firefox in global share, made me look a little bit on the frames and tabs through which  I surf the net. I came up with a conclusion that not much has changed. (Yeaah what about Chrome OS?Opera-Mini etc.). Not much has changed in the way we use the browser, the content has changed, a lot We visit not the old just text sites through the browser but many diverse and multifunctional apps through the browser. But the way how we do it, is still the same. So lets for a moment suppose that we want to make a new browser, that changes few things on the market. What would we like to design? Some of these functions are already working as succesful add-ons. But I am thinking about implementing them in the core functions of the browser. Continue reading

So Chrome has overtaken Firefox… My thougths – 5 points

You probably heard today: Chrome has overtaken Firefox and is the second most popular browser in the Internet(after IE of course). Now this made me think…

  1. If you cooperate with Google or any other BIG company, then watch your back, they can replace you, almost always. Google did it to not pay Mozilla for using their search engine in the browser. As the Chrome was developed, it became something more than a browser, it is now a working  operational system. Now who would thought 5 years ago, that Google would create its own OS due to Mozilla? Continue reading