The future isn’t about owning things, it’s about leasing them

John Lennon once sang:

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

And as it turns out, he may have been right in predicting the future. No possession is an old idea, that did not work quite well, when it was implemented by the communists. But believe or not, like it or not our world may be heading into that direction once again. This time not because of the communism ideology, but sheer and honest capitalism greed :) So how did that happen? Continue reading


EU will soon tell you that Gmail isn’t cloud

Gmail is not a cloud
After reading an article regarding EU getting its hands on cloud computing, I thought damn! These greedy bureaucrats are laying their hands on the cloud! Now even in this article, you can see the difference between the US and EU ‘with its small businesses at the heart of the European economy’.  Continue reading