SOPA for dummies

For the past decades you voted on politicians mostly basing on things you have seen/heard/read in traditional media. They always had some control over these media. Now it has changed and social media became more powerful, they (governments/ politicians) don’t have such power or control over these media. This can lead to unexpected change of power, or other events not wanted by the people ruling our countries. That is why they want to gain that control through SOPA.


2011 – the year in which the Internet has started to end

Well not the Internet… But the Internet as we know it, the (almost)free world wide web. With bulletproof infrastructure in the western countries, impossible to be turned off, with vast fields of uncontrolled data and free access information. Well it’s gone… Now you can pull the plug. Few things have happened in 2011 that made governments and companies think about their future and the role of Internet if something happens: Continue reading