Facebook IPO and the black/cyber (with friggin lasers) Friday/Monday

Liked the sales results from this years black friday or cyber monday? Enjoy untill you can, next year may not be as good. It may be a whole different story next year. If the Euro currency will fall, and some say that’s the matter of days, the world can see a financial crisis like…cheeesh I don’t know will it be #OccupyWallSt times ten or Terminator-Apocalypse. More often I read, hear and see the question ‘when’  instead of ‘will’… Continue reading


EU tests Chinese cars and wants to borrow money from China at the same time

Geely Emgrand EC7 crush-testSo what is the result of these two matters? Untill now, all chinese cars were failing the EuroNCAP tests. The smallest and lightest cars from Europe had better crush-test results, than the biggest and most massive limousines from China. I wonder… is this related to Europe’s affords for Chinese money in crisis? I am not saying that the crush-test itself was a clear fake, but there are dozens of variables in these tests, also sending a few engineers to China would be easier. Or maybe chinese engineers did it all by themselves… Continue reading