Banners for Euro2012: Tax-office facked us for 1,9 million


Although there are no Euro 2012 Championship games in Polish city of Zamość, one of its entrepreneurs prepared special banners for Euro 2012. He’s yet another victim of famous Polish tax-office. The one that makes devastating effect on lots of Polish companies. Without any reasons or notices, the tax-office didn’t make a tax-return of 1.9 million PLN (about 430 k Euro) to the company. The entrepreneur – Zbigniew Stonoga had to fire 15 persons so his company wouldn’t close. The mistakes are on purpose, so he won’t get any ticket for this. If I were him I would expect millions of rutine controls from many different offices and state-bureaus which met robbed A2 highway constructors


SOPA will kill Google firewall

Hard to believe? 2 years ago continues cyber-attacks from China were made public by Google. These attacks were targeting major big tech companies within US. Lots of sources claimed that China was attacking American companies for several years and Google was the first one to blow the whistle on the issue. The White House was put in a bad position by Google, they had to condemn the attacks, though they probably didn’t want to do that. After all their economy, thus political life depends on China and its money assets ready to finance Americas debt. So they’ve condemned the attacks, Google got out of China  and bloggers, reporters and journalists started digging.

Some pretty amazing facts came to light. Some internet security spec-ops guy started his career protecting government networks against foreign attacks. On that job, he became so preoccupied with the scale of Chinese hacking that a senior military officer told him to stop talking about it, with the gruff explanation that “the reason this is still going on is that the Chinese government now owns us.” Continue reading

There is 1 thing that worries me about clouditems

Just before I will share that disturbing thought with you I must say: I’m a BIG fan of clouditems idea, even though I haven’t seen it yet – it hasn’t been public yet. I love the idea of reusing, sharing, giving away etc. of items and materials that we don’t need but other people may want it very much. Check my post about sharing everything to know the idea.

Now about the potential downside… Recently there has been a lot of fuzz about occupy wall street movement. The 99 percenters demanded bringing to justice those rich bankers, they’ve showed their disapproval of the current situation. IMO they were all wrong. They were in the wrong place. It’s the White House that should be occupied not the Wall Street. It’s the White House that made those bankers feel safe and secure so they could risk all of our money and get away with it. They were bailed out, they knew they could do anything, because the government would help them in case of emergency. Continue reading

Sharing may be the future, not social sharing, sharing everything

I recently came upon the idea of Clouditems, and although I haven’t tried that service, because it isn’t made public yet its idea gave some thoughts worth sharing.

Our economics is driven by our empty unecological and greedy consumption. We are obsessed with the need to purchase or obtain in any other way lots of physical goods that will fulfill our lives. As the world goes on and we are presented with new products, the current ones aren’t attractive any more. This need causes our world to fill with dozens of unnecessary objects

But a junk for one person can be a valuable & precious item for another. Winter coat on Hawaii? Worthless, and in Alaska? iPhone 4 (not 4S, I mean the previous version iPhone just 4, no S) for a respectful media company manager? Worthless? But for poor kid from Brooklyn? It’s the same with the most basic of the products we need: food. And yet, somehow humanity hasn’t figured out how to eliminate hunger, even in times like today, when we produce too much food in earths overall balance. This issue doesn’t concern only objects. We are surrounded by physical objects, information and energy which value is very various for every person, depending on many circumstances. Continue reading