Skittles, are you sure you want to ignore The Trevyon Martin case?

Skittles Trevyon Martin issueI won’t write about rights or wrongs of this event. Instead I will just make an observation: Skittles – wrong place at the wrong time. Boy how messed up this whole situation is for their PR department.

Unintentionally and completely not due to their actions, they have become part of nation-wide anti-racism-murder campaign. Their product wast the main witness and became one of the symbols of the Trevyon Martin case. And how do you live with that?

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What kind of people work on SOPA

SOPA censorshipHey there are pictures from satellites here, this isn’t good. Goddamn! I can see the White House, damn! My summer house is on that thing, I wonder if… nooo this is also on this website! We have got to take this of the Internet, how you call it? Google maps? I hope the Russians haven’t seen this already. This has satellite view of everything! Not safe! Very dangerous! I hope China had this site blocked, so they won’t see these pictures.

Laugh or cry? To us this level of Internet knowledge is funny, but let us not forget that these kind of people make the law in many countries, and even if they don’t, they do have the influence and power.

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Why the lack of Internet and Social Media is so fucking dangerous in North Korea?

South and North Korea at night

South and North Korea at night

2012 may bring us a lot of tensions on Korean peninsula. This bothers me most as the vision of a conventional conflict with a nation totally cut off from the world is very disturbing. I would prefer a conflict with any other nation that has an Internet connection. I just don’t believe any nation is stupid enough to begin a conventional conflict if informed properly. Continue reading

Why SOPA is pro-war?

war posterFor centuries wars were fought sometimes only to benefit the few from ruling groups. Naturally the war propaganda deeply integrated with traditional media industry convinced the people to join or support the army & war. Government controlled (or at least friendly) media supported the war propaganda, so deceiving a nation was much easier. And the ruling group benefited. That will change a lot thanks to social media, if SOPA doesn’t kill them in 2012. Continue reading

2012 – what should we expect?

2012Yeah, I know Micro payments, augmented reality etc. Anything more? Yes, even more and stronger social media reporting. More uncertainty on the markets. Facebook fail? Google going the Microsoft way? And millions of people protesting on the streets. Ridiculous right? Continue reading

Facebook IPO is a good time for Google+

Google+ will get more users as Facebook will come closer to IPO, and will look for more ways to earn money and attract investors/ scare & iritate users. Google already earns money from ads and they don’t have to focus on that matter in their product at the moment, Facebook has to. So it’s a very good situation for Google… besides Google+ can be a winner without the bigger users number, but with better integration and user data usage. Only they have so many platforms that can be integrated: (mobile OS, browser, social network, search engine, hardware manufacturer.

James Bond is dead, Today we spy with Facebook and Twitter

Facebook spyGolden age of James Bond like intelligence agencies has come to an end. You don’t have to send your secret agents to gather intel, you do that through Google and Facebook. You want to have a switch in some suspicious company or foreign government agency? Friend with them on Facebook or other social network. Want to know what is going on in certain industry facilities? Observe geo-localized twitter stream. Double O’s were sent to acquire information and act. Nowadays there is no problem with information, the problem is with filtering and picking up the right one. Continue reading

Auto tweet needs tweaking for big players

tweetFew weeks ago Mashable’s site has crashed at night (US time night, doesn’t matter which time, lets say it was full night both coasts). Me and few other folks from other time-zones noticed that and started a little tweeting and status updating on Facebook. Did Mashable respond? No, it was a middle of a night, they were asleep, they aren’t some news agency like CNN, they’re ‘just’ one of the most popular blogs about the Internet. I don’t expect them to be online 24/7.

But their Twitter profile was tweeting every few moments about some article from the last day. So that looked silly… In response, they were getting tweets about the sites problems, but the Mashable’s Twitter profile was still annoyingly tweeting about some news from tech-industry.  Continue reading

Google+ isn’t about the users number

google+It’s about how much the social network knows about the users. They know more than Facebook knows about its users? Currently it’s not a certain fact, but they will know much more when they’ll start really integrating Google+ with Chrome and Android. Deeper integration will give them vast amounts of data regarding users behaviour on their devices. And that data will be a very tasty snack for advertisers, that and the fact that much deeper integration will allow best possible ads selection for users. Continue reading

2011 – the year in which the Internet has started to end

Well not the Internet… But the Internet as we know it, the (almost)free world wide web. With bulletproof infrastructure in the western countries, impossible to be turned off, with vast fields of uncontrolled data and free access information. Well it’s gone… Now you can pull the plug. Few things have happened in 2011 that made governments and companies think about their future and the role of Internet if something happens: Continue reading