Screen should be revolutionized in phones

Some time ago I wrote about Samsungs S4 and its lack of innovation (same story with every new iPhone). I mentioned the battery issue in that post, now it’s time for another feature.

Someone could change the second element that hasn’t changed in the last decade: screen. I mean come on do we really need that many pixels on a 4 inch screen? No matter how many pixels you are gonna put on this small screen it is still gonna be a damn small screen, I can read a couple of messages on it. But I do not like reading articles or watching photos and videos on it. So please think of something to make the display bigger without making the phone bigger. And make it more flexible, and unbreakable and less energy consuming.

Of course what comes on your mind is Google’s new invention.


Sharing may be the future, not social sharing, sharing everything

I recently came upon the idea of Clouditems, and although I haven’t tried that service, because it isn’t made public yet its idea gave some thoughts worth sharing.

Our economics is driven by our empty unecological and greedy consumption. We are obsessed with the need to purchase or obtain in any other way lots of physical goods that will fulfill our lives. As the world goes on and we are presented with new products, the current ones aren’t attractive any more. This need causes our world to fill with dozens of unnecessary objects

But a junk for one person can be a valuable & precious item for another. Winter coat on Hawaii? Worthless, and in Alaska? iPhone 4 (not 4S, I mean the previous version iPhone just 4, no S) for a respectful media company manager? Worthless? But for poor kid from Brooklyn? It’s the same with the most basic of the products we need: food. And yet, somehow humanity hasn’t figured out how to eliminate hunger, even in times like today, when we produce too much food in earths overall balance. This issue doesn’t concern only objects. We are surrounded by physical objects, information and energy which value is very various for every person, depending on many circumstances. Continue reading

How the Flintstones looked at the mobile industry

nokia 8110I ran into a great post by Michael Mace regarding differences between European & American phone use. The post is from 2006, so it’s just before Apple came in and turned everything upside down with the iPhone, the Android? The author probably hasn’t heard of it at that time. It is a great lesson of history to read how the author in 2006 perceived the mobile industry, 5 years is a big time period for mobile technologies, especially when we are talking about the period before&after the first iPhone. Some things were the same, some have changed and some were predicted :) The full post is available here. I’m going to cite just the best parts of it. Continue reading