2012 – what should we expect?

2012Yeah, I know Micro payments, augmented reality etc. Anything more? Yes, even more and stronger social media reporting. More uncertainty on the markets. Facebook fail? Google going the Microsoft way? And millions of people protesting on the streets. Ridiculous right? Continue reading


Facebook IPO is a good time for Google+

Google+ will get more users as Facebook will come closer to IPO, and will look for more ways to earn money and attract investors/ scare & iritate users. Google already earns money from ads and they don’t have to focus on that matter in their product at the moment, Facebook has to. So it’s a very good situation for Google… besides Google+ can be a winner without the bigger users number, but with better integration and user data usage. Only they have so many platforms that can be integrated: (mobile OS, browser, social network, search engine, hardware manufacturer.

Facebook IPO and the black/cyber (with friggin lasers) Friday/Monday

Liked the sales results from this years black friday or cyber monday? Enjoy untill you can, next year may not be as good. It may be a whole different story next year. If the Euro currency will fall, and some say that’s the matter of days, the world can see a financial crisis like…cheeesh I don’t know will it be #OccupyWallSt times ten or Terminator-Apocalypse. More often I read, hear and see the question ‘when’  instead of ‘will’… Continue reading