Facebook IPO and the black/cyber (with friggin lasers) Friday/Monday

Liked the sales results from this years black friday or cyber monday? Enjoy untill you can, next year may not be as good. It may be a whole different story next year. If the Euro currency will fall, and some say that’s the matter of days, the world can see a financial crisis like…cheeesh I don’t know will it be #OccupyWallSt times ten or Terminator-Apocalypse. More often I read, hear and see the question ‘when’  instead of ‘will’… Continue reading


Dear Mr. Poland: Yes, it will end badly

This is a quick response post to http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/27/will-it-end-very-badly-probably-not/ 

Yes, little startups are ridiculously overfunded. Yes, the market is ridiculously overcrowded with early stage investors. Yes, it results in a talent drain, where the best talent gets diffused and work for their own startups. And YES IT WILL END BADLY. The big companies lack the necessary personnel for tuning-up their core functions. I mean: did google search got better, over the last for instance 1 year? Or did Facebook made sharing a lot easier in that time? No they’ve invented lots of new geeky and shiny new functions and projects which attracted new staff, but they are unable to make their basic core functions better (Ok, Google+ is an exception). Maybe nobody wants to work on this anymore… Continue reading