Mind-Reading Computers Within Five Years – what’s so scary about that & Siri frightens me …again

computer-brain interfaceMashable reported on IBM’s predictions of brain-machine interface going mainstream within 5 years. It’ s a wonderful vision! But from the other side it’s a horror. If you read my post about the threats of introducing Siri – which uses our sense of hearing instead of vision, then you know where I’m going with this. And you probably realized…the horror, the horror…

Whereas my frights on Siri concerned mostly the problem with filtering the vast amount of data received by users and eliminating the user in the choice process. This IBM news gave me some more disturbing thoughts. It’s not about your lack of options in surfing the Internet and organizing your day through Siri anymore. It’s about the data you give it away.

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Sight vs hearing? Why Siri is not such a good direction

Siri isn’t something new, like most of the Apple products (or their functions) it is something already invented, raised to a totally new level of user experience, usability & design. And it’s really working. Siri and all other voice control assistants make 1 huge change in our interaction with the computer: the human sense used to do it. We are used to using our sight for receiving most of the data from our computer, now Siri changes that and wants us to use our hearing sense, and that changes a lot…

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