Tim Cook’s words have a totally opposite meaning


we have more game changers in us

should have a very positive message. But on the other hand: did they really have to say that couple of years ago? Did they? Is it good that now they have to say these kind of words?


How can you crack a TV?

Apple TV LogoOk, so everybody knows: Steve Jobs said that he finally cracked it(how to revolutionize the TV industry) the only question is: how is going Apple to do that? Here are some loose ideas on Apple’s new product that can change the way… we ignore ads, TV studios make content, we pay for our content, TV producers think about copyrights…etc. Continue reading

The other side of the fence in Apple

Apple failRecently TechCrunch wrote about Apple making deal with a patent troll. The move wasn’t loved by Apples PR office, they transferred their patents to a patent troll, through a company that existed only on paper. Marvelous, Apple is great at designing and selling its products and services, but when it comes to what is on the other side of the fence of Apples company…well it isn’t as beautiful as in Apples products. Continue reading