Apple shares plummet 50 percent from their 2011 high.

Saxo Bank has today released its annual Outrageous Predictions. Among the unlikely events predicted by the Bank are that Australia will go into recession, Basel III and regulation will force 50 bank nationalisations in Europe and Apple shares will plummet 50 percent from their 2011 high. In its Outrageous Predictions, Saxo Bank focuses on events that are unlikely to happen, but at the same time are far more likely than the market appreciates. The predictions are not meant as forecasts, but it is important for investors to consider events with under- recognised probabilities. Should any of them come to pass, they would have a significant impact on the markets.
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Facebook IPO and the black/cyber (with friggin lasers) Friday/Monday

Liked the sales results from this years black friday or cyber monday? Enjoy untill you can, next year may not be as good. It may be a whole different story next year. If the Euro currency will fall, and some say that’s the matter of days, the world can see a financial crisis like…cheeesh I don’t know will it be #OccupyWallSt times ten or Terminator-Apocalypse. More often I read, hear and see the question ‘when’  instead of ‘will’… Continue reading