Why the lack of Internet and Social Media is so fucking dangerous in North Korea?

South and North Korea at night

South and North Korea at night

2012 may bring us a lot of tensions on Korean peninsula. This bothers me most as the vision of a conventional conflict with a nation totally cut off from the world is very disturbing. I would prefer a conflict with any other nation that has an Internet connection. I just don’t believe any nation is stupid enough to begin a conventional conflict if informed properly. Continue reading


Why SOPA is pro-war?

war posterFor centuries wars were fought sometimes only to benefit the few from ruling groups. Naturally the war propaganda deeply integrated with traditional media industry convinced the people to join or support the army & war. Government controlled (or at least friendly) media supported the war propaganda, so deceiving a nation was much easier. And the ruling group benefited. That will change a lot thanks to social media, if SOPA doesn’t kill them in 2012. Continue reading