2012 – what should we expect?

2012Yeah, I know Micro payments, augmented reality etc. Anything more? Yes, even more and stronger social media reporting. More uncertainty on the markets. Facebook fail? Google going the Microsoft way? And millions of people protesting on the streets. Ridiculous right? Continue reading


How can you crack a TV?

Apple TV LogoOk, so everybody knows: Steve Jobs said that he finally cracked it(how to revolutionize the TV industry) the only question is: how is going Apple to do that? Here are some loose ideas on Apple’s new product that can change the way… we ignore ads, TV studios make content, we pay for our content, TV producers think about copyrights…etc. Continue reading

Russia restricts access to the Internet

Russia must “reasonably” restrict access to the Internet for security reasons – announced today¬† Secretary of Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

Russia must reasonably restrict access to the Internet, like in the USA, China, or other countries – Patrushev told the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”. He did not specify what those restrictions were. – We can not ignore the use of the Internet by criminals and terrorist groups – he added.

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